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Our Stylist!


Loctician, Stylist, Eyelash Maven & Owner of Vixens Hair Studio.  Ms. Kemi B.  has been creating natural hairstyles for over 10 years!  Most commonly known for her innovative loc'ing styles, she has awaken the loc extension culture with her flawless techniques.  Kemi B. has been creating loc extensions for over 10 years and her technique draws clients from all over the country in to her salon to acquire extensions.  Offering loc extensions, loc cultivation, styling, treatments, and hair growth regimens, Kemi B. is specializing in growing strong, healthy & long hair.  


Natural Hair Stylist & Weavologist, Kenisha has been making waves in the hair care industry.  An eclectic stylist and amazing braider, she's known for her innovative natural braiding styles and flawless natural looking weaves. Kenisha specializes in growing natural hair, wether worn out or under an amazing weave.  


Denna has been styling hair since high school!  Her love for hair and all things creative can not be matched.  Proficient in the Kemi B. technique of loc extensions, Denna is instrumental in installing extensions not only securely but fast!  Denna is the salon's Jack of all Trades!  You can find her assisting when necessary and palm rolling locs when she's not pressing out weaves.  Denna specializes in loc extensions and making sure all the trains run on time!



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