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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why get loc extensions ?

If you don not want to go threw the shorter  growing phases of locing naturally and you want to have instant length, loc extensions are best for you..

Q: How long does the process take?
Depending on your natural hair thickness, how long and how thick or thin you want your loc
Extensions... Generally 6-9 hrs. It's best to come in for consultation to get more details.


Q: How long will the extensions last?
These are permanent extensions so they can be either cut off once your natural locs have reached your desired length or they can be kept throughout your loc'ing journey.

Q: Can I cut off my loc extensions as my natural hair grows?


Q: What are the average starting lengths?

Our extensions start at 5 inches, while clients normally desire between 6 to 8 inches (shoulder length).  

Q: Can you color the extensions?

Although the hair is human, lifting your extensions from a darker color to a lighter color can be unsuccessful, while we are able to deposit on the extensions and make lighter colors darker.  We suggest clients, pick a color close to their natural hair, or a color they plan on continuously coloring their natural hair.


Q: Will I need a consultation?

Yes a consultation is required before service.  During the consult your stylist will discuss size, length and color desired, and an extension is place in the clients hair so they can see what they look like once created.  At that time a price is given and there is a $100 deposit required to confirm your date.  Consults are FREE!


Q: Can I have a consult and my extensions done in the same day?

No. The extension process is lengthy and requires more than one stylist, it it must be scheduled in advance.

Q: When you extensions be scheduled?
Extension service is offered twice a week on Tuesdays & Wednesdays at 8:30 am.  Other days may be available for additional pricing.  

Q: What to expect once it is completed?
Once the locs are created they will be a little stiff.  As the mature they will get softer and less stiff.  The more you wet and maintenance them they become flowing locs.


Q: How often do I maintenance them?

During your first six weeks of installment, clients are requested to come every two weeks, in order to start the loc'ing process of their natural hair.  After six weeks, clients may come every two to three weeks.  

Q: What is my home care?

It's best to use a scarf or nylon wig cap to sep your hair in place at night and free from lint.

Q: Can my extensions be styled? 

Q: Can my extensions be styled?

Yes!  But we don't recommend styling them the first six weeks after installment so that they are able to take their natural shape and while your natural hair is starting to loc. 

Q: What happens if I loose one?

We guarantee our work, so while your getting use to having them, should you loose any we will fix them for free within the first 3 months. 

Q: Do you travel out of state?

​Yes! Right now we only provide travel service on the east coast within 4 hours of Philadelphia.  There must be at least 2 clients scheduled in that area prior and their is an additional travel cost.  

Q: Do we provide loc extension classes?

Yes, to licensed professional stylist only.  We provide a hands on training class, so please feel free to call us for more details.



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